Treasurer’s Report

August 4, 2020 Mariana Springs HOA meeting


As of August 1…


Checking Account Balance:  $ 12,880.00

Savings/Reserve Account Balance:  $26,993


Total operating budget expenditures Year to Date:   $15,632

At 7 months into the year, we have spent ~50% of our annual budget versus expected 59%.  We are currently at ~$2900 under budget for expenses. 


WPM has transferred $9,128 from our reserve account to checking to pay for special projects to date:

            Irrigation Pump      2948

            Concrete Repairs    2640

            Path Repair              3540

We anticipate further Path Repairs to cost ~$14,200, leaving our reserve account at end of year at ~$12,793.   Our desired minimum reserve account balance is ~$9,000.