Springs Board Meeting 8/4/20


1.       Arranged for representatives from Hurr Vasa to attend board meeting on 7/14/20 to discuss and clarify expectations vs terms of contract.


2.       Arranged meeting between Terry and sprinkler technician to address overspray of the path, review watering schedule, and repair a leak in the common area.


3.      Helped distribute and collect hard copies of survey forms and completed copies.


4.      Reported violation of city weed ordinance at 5639 Mountain Iris to City of Loveland Weed Enforcement Office.  Followed up twice and requested alternative solution.


5.      Furnished credit card information to Pioneer Landscaping to purchase $7700 worth of rock for next phase of path repair.


6.      Sent invoice for covenant violation.


7.      Called City of Loveland Water and Power to report outage at 5610 Mountain Iris.


8.      Emailed July financials to Carol Barrow, Treasurer.  She reviewed and approved.





1.       Checking Balance 7/31/20             $  3,751.61

2.       Reserve Balance 7/31/20             $ 36,061.16  



3.       Transferred $9128 from Reserve to Checking 8/2/20 to cover reserve expenditures as follows:     $2948           Irrigation Pump

                     2640           Concrete Repair – Alpine Laurel

                     3540           Initial Path Repair