Mariana Springs HOA Board of Directors Meeting

August 4, 2020

18:30- 20:00


The Zoom meeting was attended by all members of the Board.  Marilyn Wiltgen was online as the property manager.  There were 16 Zoom connections:


Zoom connection


Terry Mize

Terry Mize

Renee Mize

Renee Mize

Marc Brown

Marc & Kathy Brown

Kip Anderson

Kip Anderson

Paula Harsin

Paula Harsin, Scott Kukral, Anne Gaspers

Andrea Dunn

Andrea Dunn

Nathan Hinkle

Nathan Hinkle

Kim McVay

Kim McVay

Carol Barrow

Carol & Scott Barrow

Mike Eddy

Mike & Lisa Eddy

Lee Blomgren

Lee & Carol Blomgren, Karen Crookshank, Barry Carithers

Peter Hahn

Peter and Becky Hahn

Cyndy Dingae

Cindy Dingae

Bryan Bogle

Bryan Bogle

Rob Eccleston

Rob Eccleston

Ron Korngiebel

Ron Korngiebel


The meeting opened at 18:32 and was facilitated by Terry Mize, President.


Agenda Item

Person Responsible



Meeting Structure

Terry Mize

All participants are to stay on mute unless speaking.  The meeting is open to the Board initially and will follow the agenda


Approval of Minutes

Terry Mize

24 February HOA Board meeting minutes were approved.

April Executive Session minutes were approved

Minutes are posted on the HOA website


President’s Report

Terry Mize

Thank you to all of the many volunteers who have done tree branch pickup, work in the butterfly garden, and various other projects in our neighborhood!

There will be a wedding reception (Cindy Dingae & Bryan Bogle) in the common area over Labor Day weekend.  Setup will begin on Thursday evening, Reception Saturday evening, take down Sunday


Treasurer Report

Carol Barrow

Please see the report submitted to the BOD by Carol prior to the meeting. As of August 1 there was $12, 880 in checking, $26933 in reserve, $15632 of special expenses still expected from the special assessment projects 

At this point we are under budget. However, Marilyn W. reported there are outstanding invoices for work that have not yet been received. Tree replacement has not been spent.

Carol to submit addendum

Secretary Appointment

Terry Mize

Kim McVay has volunteered to be HOA Secretary.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the appointment to the Board.  Thank you, Kim!


It was requested that future Board vacancies be announced to the association prior to the Board meeting. The Board President agreed this should be done in the future.

Water Report

Scot Kukral

Please see the report submitted by Scott to the BOD prior to the meeting. Terry read a synopsis of the report.  Our acquired seasonal CBT water for $75.00 per share was initially approved in the Feb board meeting, but the actual cost was $100 per share which the BOD has approved. This expenditure is shared with the Overlook.  There are continued problems with the Controller (in the Overlook) that starts the siphon pump; the Overlook is having it investigated and adjustments made.  We can expect pond level fluctuations until the issue is resolved.

The ditch water is high for now, and we expect the level to be OK through August but we have no prior warning when the flow drops.  Unauthorized persons are not allowed to operate head-gate, a limited number of people have permission.

The ditch on the west side was leaking earlier this spring.  The ditch rider was advised and will ask the SSDC to approve repairs.  However, by Colorado law they have no responsibility for any damage caused by this leakage, and are not required to make repairs at our request.

Follow up with Overlook regarding Controller.

Follow up with ditch company repair of ditch when water is turned off.

DRC Report

Anne Gaspers

Please see the report submitted by Anne to the BOD prior to the meeting. There has been an additional approval since the report was submitted, bringing the total review requests to 21 this year.  There has been good feedback on the new form. Applications must be sent directly to the DRC members at this time.

DRC will submit an updated report to BOD.

Property Management

Terry Mize

The HOA will investigate a potential change in property management.  Carol suggested compiling a list of requirements and expectations, use a matrix to review the information, interview at least 3 property managers.  Nathan recommended retaining Marilyn W for her knowledge of the community if the management is changed.  The current contract expires December 31, 2020.  The current property  management report is attached.

BOD will meet Thursday, 8/6, 4 pm at the Common Area to develop goals and expectations.

Survey Results Review

Carol Barrow

Carrol summarized the results of the Survey Monkey questionnaire.  There was an 80% response rate with useful comments and details.  Thank you to Lisa Eddy who coordinated the survey, the DRC’s efforts and Marc Brown for privacy review.  The survey showed that most people know how to access the HOA website, DRC and the Board members.  Social events are appreciated – especially the chili fest coordinated by Fred and Nancy Garcia.  More social events are encouraged, with possibly a volunteer to coordinate events. There were several comments about the property management.  In general, there were 3 areas:  Communication, maintenance and future improvements.  Discussion followed:

HOA members are reminded to go to the website to review minutes if not able to attend meetings. 

A community newsletter was suggested. 

Develop specific long and short-term goals for maintenance, improvements and future projects.  These goals must align with the budget and would be under BOD direction.

Solicit membership input in the development of the project goals and implementation.

Solicit membership input in the development of the project goals and implementation.

Common Area Task Force: Trees

Nathan Hinkle

Spring cleanup was cancelled due to Sars-Cov-2.  Bushes in common area look good. Weeds on the trail have been an issue.   Dead ash trees have been removed by neighborhood members.  Nathan has acquired a suggested list of replacement trees from CSU. The drip system must be reviewed around some of the properties.  Anne Gaspers has volunteered grass plants from their yard.  Project report is attached.

Nathan to follow up with Heather and Bryan Woodward about dead bushes behind their yard.

Review drip system for new bushes.

2021 Budget

Terry Mize

Need to get started. Need to be a little forward looking to be ready by 1 Nov.  Mark and Kathy Bushong may be able to help with some estimates moving forward.  The past process has the board put together an initial plan, then Marilyn Wiltgen adjusted and the board reviewed for final details.  Marilyn would like the August data all in to be able to put together the budget.


Board discussion topics

Terry Mize

No additional topics presented


Next Meetings

Terry Mize

September Virtual Meeting Test run.  Terry will work out the details.  Renee noted that Zoom does have a polling feature which we could most likely use for voting.  Need to figure out how to handle proxies and login by both homeowners.


October 13 – Budget effort meeting.  Terry will setup this Tuesday meeting


December 1 – Annual meeting of SMHOA


Member Input Period


Need funding for website security.  Scott Kukral will resend the memo from earlier in year with quotes for improvement.  Need to get roster back on the web.  The date of latest version is always posted on web so members can check if they have most recent.  Scott will send out the most current roster.


Cyndy volunteered to donate a tree for the one behind her house which died.  Don’t have agreement yet on HOA purchase of additional trees (see tree discussion above).  Sprinkler needs check to verify it will water any new trees, although recent plantings will need special attention.


Need signs at trail entrances to stop walkers while work on trail is in progress.


Goal on minutes is to be available within one week after meeting

Nathan will check with Gravel Doctor to get signage up.

Meeting Adjournment

Terry Mize

Motion and second – adjourned at 19:59