Home Owners Association

Board Members

Traci Burtnett, President
Term expires December 2020

Cliff Winter, Vice President
Term expires December 2020

Guy Coberly, Secretary
Term expires December 2018

Kurt Willson, Treasurer
Term expires December 2019


Roger Holloway, Member at Large
Term expires December 2018

Mike Eddy, Member at Large
Term expires December 2020

Omar Ybarra, Member at Large
Term expires December 2019

Bob and Marilyn Wiltgen, Property Managers

Upcoming Meetings

January 17, 2018 – 7:00 pm at 370 Meadowsweet Circle
March 20, 2018
June 19, 2018
August – TBD
November – Annual Meeting – TBD

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation



Covenants Amendment 13

Covenants Amendment 18

Agent Change

Application Procedures

Dues Payment Procedures

Lot Transfer Procedures

Property Aesthetics

Policy and Procedure for Inspection and Copying of Association Records

Policy and Procedures for Collection of Unpaid Assessments

Final Grading Plan

Final Plat Sheet 1

Final Plat Sheet 2

Irrigation Operating Agreement

Note: The SMHOA Covenants do not have any initial Rules and Regulations document specified, although they do make provision for them to be added. These addenda represent the additions that have been subsequently adopted by the HOA.
SMHOA Rules and Regulations Addendums

Design Review Committee Members

Omar Ybarra